This has to be my favorite. My Christmas had a happy ending. Cum on my face, in my mouth - anal abuse with toys/various objects ending with simultaneously orgasm sucking the cum of his cock. So much love...
The full 10min raw film is avaliable -
FaceRape of my Teddybear - until you have faceraped a teddy in a latex nurse outfit you havent done shit. Ofc photographer CC 💙🖤
I never realized how much i actually like this picture taken of me.
Feedin' my TeddyBearBaby old fashion way...
Photographer: CC
Topless on fur blanket - photographer: Thomas Ferrold
Nude with red gloves and fur hat - from my last shoot that dident go exactly as planned, But i Got naked thou :P photographer is one of my favorites: Thomas Ferrold
Fucked in our car - again - so much penetration of his huge penis in my little pussy.. raw film 02,30min - ending with cum all over me. Perfection...
My Christmas had a happy ending. So much cum all in pussy and ass, anal abuse and so much love...
The full 10min raw film is avaliable -
Hands above head topless ofc / shot last year Black/n-White
This is a magictrick - 1- you see the GlowStick, 2- the glowstick disapeares 😧😱
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